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Amazing Johnny Depp Tonto Cake

Johnny Depp Tonto Cake

Timbo Sullivan from CAKES BY TIMBO makes some of the most eye popping cakes I’ve seen.  He is a master at sculpting cakes and the use of color.


The detail on his Tonto Cake is amazing! Tonto’s head is painted white, black, and grey.  Tonto’s long black hair is braided and has feathers in it.


Tonto is wearing an elaborate headdress.  The headdress is gold and grey and has a crow on top.  Notice how the texture on the headdress is different than Tonto’s head.


Tonto also wears an elaborate neck piece.  Because of the color, it almost looks bronze and leather.  It has fine detailing on it.



Johnny Depp Tonto Cake

Here is another view of Timbo’s amazing Tonto Cake.