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Awesome Schoolhouse Rock Cake

Schoolhouse Rock Cake

This Awesome Schoolhouse Rock cake was made by my good friend Jean Schapowal at Cakes With Character

This Splendid cake features Interplant Janet, the Conjunction Junction engineer, Bill, and others. This cake was done for the Back To The 80’s Sugar Collaboration.

My kids loved watching these educational videos. It was a fun way to learn about all sorts of educational stuff. The kids watched the videos because they were fun and they just happened to learn something on the side.

I can still remember the tune of Conjunction Junction what’s your function? Conjunction Junction used train cars and a very catchy tune to teach how to join together phrases and clauses using conjunctions.

Bill is sitting on top of the Schoolhouse Rock Sign that is Cake. Bill went through the steps of how a Bill on Capitol Hill became a law. 

Interplant Janet travels the solar system naming the different planets.