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Terrific Blue Cinderella Cake and Cupcakes

Cinderella Cake

These Terrific blue Cinderella Cake and Cupcakes feature Cinderella’s blue dress with the mice Perla and Mary.

This Wonderful Disney birthday cake was made by The Clever Little Cupcake Company. 

There are hand-painted sparkles all over the blue Cinderella dress. 

The cake is a vanilla sponge cake.

The Cinderella cupcakes have a blue bird, a blue Cinderella carriage, an orange pumpkin, a fairy wand, and Cinderella’s glass slipper.

The cake board is a wooden plank design. There are spools of blue thread, scissors, and a yellow tape measure on the cake board. 

Cinderella Carriage Cupcake

This Adorable Cinderella Carriage cupcake has a blue Cinderella carriage. There are pink curtains on the door and there is gold trim on this cute carriage. The wheels look like blue pumpkin vines curled into a circle.

Here is a Pink Cinderella Dress Cake also made by  The Clever Little Cupcake Company.

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