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Fabulous Peter Pan Cookies

Peter Pan Cookies

These Fabulous Peter Pan Cookies feature Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael, the face of Big Ben, and a map of Never Land. These Splendid Disney cookies were made by Arty McGoo.

Tinker Bell is on a blue background. She has her wand in her hand.

The cooke with the map of Never Land is beside her.

The top right cookie shows Wendy, John, and Michael flying through the air.  There are white stars twinkling around them. Michael is holding his teddy bear and John has his umbrella.

Peter Pan Cookie

This cookie represents Wendy trying to kiss Peter. Tinker Bell is tugging on her hair.

Peter Pan Cookie

Peter Pan is looking out over London from Wendy, John, and Michael Darling’s bedroom window.

Peter Pan Cookie

Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael at Big Ben stopping to get their bearings.

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