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Awesome Peter Pan Cake

Peter Pan Cake 4

This Awesome Peter Pan cake is a multi-tier cake with Peter’s hat on the top of the cake.

The top tier of the cake is covered in small green leaves and has a framed silhouette of Peter on the side. 

This wonderful cake was made by Good Gosh Ganache.

Peter Pan Cake 2

The middle tier is black and has the words never grow up. It shows gold silhouettes of Wendy, John, Michael, and Peter flying to Neverland. 

Peter Pan Cake 3

The bottom layer is red with a golden border to look like Captain Hook’s jacket. His hook is beside the cake.

The cake board looks like it is covered in wooden planks and nails.

Peter Pan Cake

A small smash cake beside the main cake is covered in small green leaves. There is a silhouette of Peter Pan head on top.