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Terrific Finding Dory Cookies

Finding Dory Cookies

These Fabulous Finding Dory Cookies were made by Say It With Cookies.

There are cookies with several familiar characters form Finding Nemo.  Nero and Marlin are on one cookie. The Dory cookie blue and yellow. Squirt the baby sea turtle is a green and brown cookie. Crush the adult sea turtle is a brown and green cookie. The Mr. Ray cookie features this teacher of the class who is a spotted eagle ray. 

There is a Finding Dory cookie that is blue green with white letters.

These Disney cookies feature several new characters in this Disney animated movie.

The Destiny cookie features this whale shark that is blue with white spots.

The Bailey cookie features the white Beluga Whale at Marine Life Institute.

The Becky cookie has the black and white spotted kooky loon.

The Hank cookie features this orange seven-armed octopus.

The dark gray and light gray otters are bunched together on another cookies.