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Marvelous Erkling Cake

Erkling Cake   

This Marvelous Erkling Cake was made by Erkling Elleforth Zegwater, Master of the Dark Art – Lyle T. Clemente from Cake My Day Abu Dhabi Dy’s CMD.   

This Marvelous Erkling Cake was made for the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Collaboration.  

The collaboration of food artists from around the world, known as Birthday Mischief Managed have assembled to debut their second installment of edible art in celebration of world-renowned author, J.K. Rowling’s screenwriting debut and newest movie trilogy – “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. 

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, is an A to Z “textbook” of magical creatures that have been featured in the Potter film series and publishing’s of J.K. Rowling. For this collaborative effort some of the beasts were removed from the list inside the textbook and each artist was asked to create the remaining using only their imaginations and the book’s descriptions with sweet edible mediums.  Each artist has dressed for the occasion and transformed themselves into “Magizoologist”. Be sure to visit their pages and read the documents kept about their beast.   

Our biggest challenge was resisting the urge to research, (cheat) pictures of our assigned beasts. The group has made sweet magic. My only regret is not having a pet Kneazle.” – Michelle “ChefMitchie” Curran aka Michaeleas Cuuragusta, Headmistress 

Erkling Cake  

Here is Lyle’s description of this Fabulous Edible Beast:

Study/Beast: ERKLING Name: (did it tell you it’s name or did you name it for command reasons): Dwendino or Dino. My beast/captive, was very aloof and distrusting of humans in the beginning, therefore, it took me a good while to get to make him respond to me. Since he had a German origin, which is an unfamiliar ground for me as I hailed all my life in Asia, his name was a derivative of a local Filipino common name for Dwarfs/Elves that is “dwende.” I starved him for 3 days and offered him food. I called out Dino or Dwendino as I lay his plate of food next to him and he responded. From that point on, he responds to Dino and trust between me his master and him my subject developed. Noteable Behavior: He chuckles on a very high pitched tone upon smelling or sensing of a child within 5 km radius. Feeding notes: He learned to feed on Animal Meat and sometimes even on carcasses when other options were not available.

Injuries sustained by Caretaker and aide taken: During time of actual capture as he was hanging on a net trap I set out to catch a Gnome, he shot a dart from his suspension and hit me on my left shoulder. His dart’s point was dipped in secretion of a venomous snake that causes temporary paralysis on his victim. A wizard named Ka’ Rey had told me that a white deeply pored stone, only found in Mt Banahaw in Philippines, can excrete the poison deeply lodged into my shoulder. I wasn’t able to mobilize my whole arm for 2 months til I got a hold of the white stone. Also effective for snake bites. Injuries sustained by Study/Beast and aide taken: None. During times of misbehavior, I cast a spell that temporarily blinds him the duration he’s agitated. Spell goes off when my subject calmed down.

Has study been released if you took it captive? If yes, where? He died of old age and natural causes and was buried in the woods, next to a very old Oak tree behind the palace where I captured him.

Any other notes you took during your study: even though they looked like humans, talked like humans, they have no control over their temper and hardly ever having emotions. Hunger and thirst for children’s flesh and blood had always been a priority to hunt for food. Therefore humans kill them to protect children. Erlkings are now extinct and that my captured one was one of the last.

Erkling Cake

Erkling Cake

Erkling Cake

Erkling Cake

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