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Christmas Nutcracker Cake

Christmas Nutcracker Cake

This Christmas Nutcracker Cake was made by Viorica’s Cakes

The top of the cake has a snowman standing beside a green Christmas tree decorated with red bows and red ornaments.  There is a gold star on the top of the tree and gold garland on the tree. The snowman is holding a red Christmas present with a gold bow in his hand. 

Three nutcrackers are standing in front of the cake.  There are white snowflakes at their feet.

The middle nutcracker is wearing a green military jacket and a gold and red king’s crown on his head. One nutcracker is wearing a blue and red military jacket and a red military dress hat. He is holding a sword with red and blue stars. The nutcracker on the other side is wearing a red and gold military jacket and a black military dress hat. He is playing a red and green drum.

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