Doctor Who

Fabulous Last Christmas Doctor Who Cake

Doctor Who Christmas Cake

This Fabulous The Last Christmas Doctor Who Cake was made by Joline Warkentine from Mumma Knows Best Cupcakery.   

The TARDIS is at the top of the cake. A large Santa hat is on top of the TARDIS. The bottom of the cake is shaped to look like a tree trunk.  A Dream Crab is on the tree trunk.  This Doctor Who Cake represents the Doctor Who episode Last Christmas. This features the twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

This Fabulous The Last Christmas Doctor Who Cake was made for A Merry Whovian Christmas which is a cake collaboration of Whovians from around the globe who have come together to share a love of “The Doctor” and bring you some of their favorite moments from the Doctor Who Christmas Specials they love best. 


The TARDIS is decorated with a green Christmas Wreath and red, yellow, blue, and green Christmas lights.  

Doctor Who Cake

Here’s a close-up of the Dream Crab.

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