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Fabulous Animal Cakes

Bald Eagle Cake

This Marvelous Bald Eagle Cake was made by Silvia Ximenez from La Aguilera.

Here is Silvia’s description of these Fabulous cake:

Information: for me the bald eagle represents the beauty, majesty and power of nature. I wanted to represent this beautiful animal in its natural state as a way to raise awareness on the respect for this species and understand that they are not animals to tame. Their beauty is best admired in the natural state.  Respect their environment in order to preserve their existence, and have respect for life and liberty of this beautiful eagle, and cause it to be preserved so that future generations have the opportunity to experience the greatness of this wonderful species.

Materials Used: Chicoplastilina, Satin Ice Fondant Matizadores Powder Cherry and cake, colouring in Wilton Gel.

These Fabulous Animal Cakes were made for the Animal Rights Collaboration which is an international cake collaboration featuring 160 amazing pieces in defense of animal rights.  Isabel Tamargo of Tartas Imposibles hosted this collaboration.


Leopard Cake

This Wonderful Leopard Cake was made by Sandra Amaral from My Sweet Art.

Here is Sandra’s description of this Fabulous cake:

My Leopard cake was inspired by real leopard photos and it’s almost entirely made out of chocolate cake, both rock and leopard. The head is sculpted in both Rice Krispies Treats and modeling chocolate and all the leopard spots and rock are hand painted. Edible soil was made out of chocolate and brown sugar.


Gorilla Cake

This Marvelous Western Silverback Gorilla Cake was made by Fanie Feickert-Sell from Fanie’s Tastes & Tales CakeDesign.


Gorilla Cake

The Marvelous Western Silverback Gorilla Cake was made using modeling chocolate. The Earth was covered in fondant and the countries and continents were made using modeling chocolate.


Imperial Oriental Eagle Cake

This Terrific Imperial Oriental Eagle Cake was made by Silvia Garcia from Silvia’s Art Cake. The Eagle was made using Rice Krispies Treats and modeling chocolate.


Jaguar Cake

This Splendid Jaguar Cake was made by Maythe Del Angel from Maythe Del Angel Sugar Creations Artist.

Here is Mathe’s description of this Fabulous cake:

The Jaguar is a species that is losing his home due to these actions and thus violate his right to live free in their natural environment.

This was made using Rice Krispies Treats and fondant. The cake was hand-painted.