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How To Make a Splendid Elsa Cake Topper

Elsa Cake Topper 10

I wanted to let you know about a nice picture tutorial on How to Make Queen Elsa’s face from Disney’s Frozen byMichele di Bari Cake designer.

Elsa Cake Topper

I’ll talk about a few of the steps and show a few of the pictures, just to give you a preview.  To get all of the wonderful pictures and instructions, please take a look at Michela di Bari Cake designer.  She gives lots of pictures and simple instructions on how to make Elsa. 

Elsa Cake Topper

The baker starts out by showing how to make the eyes and nose for Elsa.

Elsa Cake Topper

She shows how to make the mouth.

Elsa Cake Topper

She tells how to make a place for the eyes.

Elsa Cake Topper 5

She fills in and paints the eyes.

Elsa Cake Topper

She colors the lips and around the eyes and the cheeks.

Elsa Cake Topper

She adds hair to complete Elsa.

 Elsa Cake

Here is a picture of this Wonderful Elsa Cake Topper on a Splendid Disney Frozen Cake.

I have mentioned about some of the highlights. Please take a look at Michela di Bari Cake designer to get all of the great pictures and instructions.

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