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Marvelous Charlie Brown 1st Birthday Cookies

Charlie Brown Cookies 3

These Marvelous Charlie Brown Cookies were made by Frost Me Beautiful. These Peanuts cookies were made for a 1st Birthday party.

Charlie Brown Cookies

 The Peppermint Patty Cookie has Peppermint Patty smiling and waving.

The Frieda Cookie shows Frieda in a yellow dress.

The Snoopy Cookie has Snoopy and his red doghouse. Woodstock is standing on top of Snoopy.

The Franklin Cookie has Franklin wearing a blue jacket and striped pants.

The Sally Cookie show Sally in a pink dress.

The Pig-Pen Cookie shows Pig-Pen surrounded by dirt.

The Charlie Brown Cookie has Charlie Brown wearing his yellow and black shirt and black shorts.

Schroeder and his red piano are on the Schroeder cookie.

The Lucy Cooke shows Lucy wearing her blue dress.

Charlie Brown Cookies

The Sally Cookie and the Pig-Pen Cookie are facing each other. Sally is smiling at Pig-Pen.

Schroeder is wearing a green striped shirt on the Schroeder Cookie.

Peppermint Patty looks bored on the Peppermint Patty cookie.  I can just picture her bored while sitting in her school classroom.

The Woodstock Cookie shows Woodstock smiling. I wonder if he is thinking of Snoopy or his other bird friends.

Lucy looks confident on the Lucy Cookie.

The Charlie Brown Cookie has Charlie Brown wearing a red shirt.  He looks like he is talking to Linus.

The Linus Cookie shows Linus daydreaming.

The Marcie Cookie shows Marcie talking to Linus.

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