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Splendid Steampunk Peacock Cake

Steampunk Peacock Cake

This Splendid Steampunk Cake was made by Lucia Simeone of Lucia Simeone – DolceLulu located in Rome Italy.

This Marvelous cake was created for the Steam Cakes – Steampunk Collaboration. To celebrate the Steampunk International Day, Cake Artists from around the world gathered to create their own edible Steampunk masterpieces. 

Steampunk Peacock Cake 4

This wonderful cake has a albino peacock on top. The peacock has two blue, greens nd gold colored feather plumes. The peacock is sitting on top of a gold box which is a cake.  The cake is covered in silver, gold, brass, and copper gears.

Steampunk Peacock Cake 2