Harry Potter

The Great British Bake Off Harry Potter Style

Harry Potter Cake

This Marvelous Harry Potter combines Harry Potter characters with Mary Berry, one of the judges in the Great British Bake Off. This Awesome cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company.

The cake has the words, The Great Hogwarts Bake off. It is a spoof on the hit television show The Great British Bake Off – aka Bake Off or GBBO. In the United States it is broadcast as The Great British Baking Show.  

A group of amateur bakers compete among themselves to see who will go on to the next round/episode.  There are three challenges in each episode. A Star Baker is chosen and one contestant is eliminated. The remaining bakers go to the next level/episode. This process repeats until the final round. In the final round, three bakers compete and a winner is chosen from these. Mary Berry is a well known baker and is one of the people who decides which bakers will continue and which will be eliminated.

The show is very popular in the United Kingdom and has spawned a renewed interest in baking.  

Mary berry is at the top of the cake. She is riding a Harry Potter style broom. There is a cupcake on the bristles of her broom. There are Quidditch rings in the background behind her.  Quidditch is traditionally the competition sport for Hogwarts.  Now Hogwarts has a new competition – The Great Hogwarts Bake Off with Mary Berry as the judge.

Let’s meet the Hogwarts contestants. Hermione Granger is holding a cake. Ron Weasley has just dropped his cupcake so he’s eliminated. Harry Potter is mixing his cake together using his bowl and wooden spoon. Hagrid is holding a tray of cookies.

This Harry Potter Birthday Cake has the birthday name and 21 as the birthday age.


Harry Potter in The Great British Bakeoff Cake

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