Cookies Spider-Man Superheroes

These Spider-Man Cookies Are Simply Spectacular

Spider-Man Cookies

These terrific Spider-Man Cookies were made by Selly Natalia.  One cookie in this set is a close-up of part of Spider-Man mask and a wold balloon saying Happy Birthday.  Another cookie is a profile view of Spidey.  The main Spider-Man cookie features Spidey from the knees up.  There are also five cookies with the birthday boy’s name.  The name is written in a font that is often used to make Spider-Man logos.  The cookies are red with spider webs and giant black letters.  I really like how all of the cookies only use the four colors of Spider-Man’s costume – red, blue, black, and white.  It makes all of the cookies in this set look great together.

The photography of these cookies is simply amazing.  Until, you’ve tried to photograph cookies, you probably don’t realize how difficult it can be.  Selly’s photos are as wonderful as her cookies.  Notice that the Spider-Man cookies are on the wood grain of the table.  But, the five cookies with the letters on them are darker and wouldn’t look against the wood grain.  So, Selly puts a light colored kitchen towel under them.  This way all of the cookies pop and the kitchen table and kitchen towel look natural together.    Except for the two food safe markers, all of the other tools and piping bags are pointing at the cookies which makes your eyes even more drawn to the cookies. Even the piping bags are arranged with the dark colors and bright colors groups together.  Lastly, there isn’t any sugar, flour, or icing in the picture.  Everything is immaculate.  All these factors make for one of the best cookie photographs I’ve seen.

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