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Cute Steampunk Animal Cakes

Koala Bear Steampunk Cake 2

This Adorable Koala Bear Steampunk cake was made by Tissi Benvegna of La Torta che Vuoi Tu.

This cute bear has a monocle that is a antique gold number 5. It is wearing a red hat with steampunk gears and metal feathers. It is perched on a copper metal tree with gold gears and a gold key. There are gold gears all over the cake board. 

This Marvelous cake was created for the Steam Cakes – Steampunk Collaboration. To celebrate the Steampunk International Day, Cake Artists from around the world gathered to create their own edible Steampunk masterpieces. 

Steampunk Dog Cake

This Superb Chihuahua Steampunk cake was made by Ana Remigio of Cupcakes & Dreams.

This cute dog is wearing steampunk goggles and a large topcoat that has laces and a gold band. The chihuahua is sitting on a giant gear.

Dog steampunk cake

This Splendid Pug Steampunk cake was made by Laura Loukaides of Laura Loukaides Cakes located in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

This dog is wearing gold steampunk goggles on its forehead. I like the way the dog is inside the cup with its head sticking out. The cup looks like it was made from metal plates riveted together. There are gear designs on the cup.

Fox Steampunk cake

This Marvelous Fox Steampunk cake was made by Zoe Burmester of of Sugar Street Studios. This fox is wearing collars with gears as decorations. It has a gear monocle. The top hat has laces and a metal gear and feathers sticking out of it.