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Marvelous Uncle Scrooge Birthday Cake

Uncle Scrooge Cake

This marvelous Uncle Scrooge Birthday Cake was made by Viviana Aloisi.  It is a two tier cake.  On the top of the cake is Uncle Scrooge sitting on top of a bag of money.  There is a 2nd bag of money and coins laying around.  There is money falling down the side of the cake.  At the bottom of the cake are two more bags of money and more coins laying around.

Viviana’s use of color on this cake is wonderful.  Scrooge’s clothes are blue and red, so those are the main colors of the cake.  The cake is red, while the cake board and the top of the top tier are blue.  Since there are a bunch of gold coins on the cake, the cake board is wrapped with a gold ribbon. 


Uncle Scrooge Cake Topper

Here is a close-up of Viviana’s wonderful Uncle Scrooge Cake Topper.