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Superb Mary Poppins Cake

Mary Poppins Cake

What if Mary Poppins was the opposite of Practically Perfect? This Disney cake shows her as someone who has trouble fitting everything into her suitcase. 

This amazing cake was made by Silvia Mancini Cake art & Co. The sign on the cake reads Mary Poppins NOT practically perfect in every way.

This wonderful cake is part of the Disney Deviant Sugar Art collaboration which features amazing worldwide artists who have created cakes and sugar art inspired by Disney characters.

Mary Poppins Cake

Here’s the baker’s description of this amazing cake:

Mary Poppins in distress! Mary would not be able to be perfect nowadays! 

Mary Poppins Cake

Mary Poppins is sitting on top of the overstuffed suitcase with may items still hanging out.