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Fabulous Lady Tremaine Cake

Lady Tremaine Cake

This Fabulous Lady Tremaine Cake was made by Sophia Fox.

This wonderful cake is part of the Disney Deviant Sugar Art collaboration which features amazing worldwide artists who have created cakes and sugar art inspired by Disney characters.

Here’s the baker’s description of this amazing cake:

My piece is inspired on Lady Tremaine from Cinderella. Lady Tremaine is portrayed as a very refined, discerning, punctilious and collected person who never loses her calm, even when furious. She speaks with great courtesy to anyone, including Cinderella, while concealing her true feelings of contempt, and revels in her victim’s torment. Lady Tremaine is also shown to be very lazy and neglectful, not doing so much as a scratch of housework during and after Cinderella’s time in the mansion. Once getting a hold of the Fairy Godmother’s wand, Tremaine crossed the line of a greedy and selfish tyrant to a power-drunk and practically heartless criminal and was then seen not wearing an amused or satisfied smile but one that was truly evil. Whilst watching the events of Cinderella’s happily ever after getting undone, Lady Tremaine displayed an expression of wicked satisfaction, clearly showing the sadistic glee that Cinderella’s misery inspired in her. Materials: – Renshaw Baking Modeling and Sugar paste – Lully Candy Corantes – Innovative Sugarworks Tools

Lady Tremaine Cake


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