Monsters, Inc.

Adorable Monsters, Inc. 2nd Birthday Candle

Monsters, Inc. Candle

There is a new trend in cakes that I adore. Wedding cakes often have a custom topper made especially for the bride and groom.  For birthdays cakes, elaborate custom candles are becoming popular.  When the birthday is over and the cake has been eaten, these wonderful custom candles are still yours.  Here is an adorable Monsters, Inc. 2nd birthday candle made by Magali Freitas.   The candle has the birthday girl’s name and the number two above it.  The number two is blue for Sulley and Green for Mike.  It also has one of Boo’s hair bows in the middle.  Beside the candle is a figure of Boo smiling and holding cute stuffed animals of Sulley and Mike.

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