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Gorgeous Lion King Cake Featuring Simba & Nala

Lion King Cake

This beautiful Lion King Cake was made by Ana Brum Biscuit Designer.  Yesterday, I features another wonderful Lion King Cake by Ana Brum.  Where that cake featured Simba with his dad Mufasa, this cake features Simba with Nala. 

This is a five tier cake.  The bottom tier looks like a stone wall.  The second tier shows Simba and Nala looking out at their kingdom.  The third tier has a colorful design.  The fourth tier features Simba and Nala.  Simba’s rich mane sticks out a little above the fourth tier.  The fifth layer features Rafiki presenting the newborn lion king cub – Kopa. Rafiki is rising Kopa in the air and Kopa actually sticks up a little higher than the cake.  This is such a wonderful cake!