Adorable Pink Panther 6th Birthday Cookies


These wonderful Pink Panther 6th Birthday Cookies were made by Mayra’s Cakepops. The designs of these cookies are brilliant. You have a close-up of the Pink Panther’s face, paw prints, the number 6, pink cookies where the Pink Panther is outlined in an even darker pink, and so many more.



My three favorite cookies are the ones in the middle.  The police line-up with The Pink Panther, Inspector Clouseau, Big Nose, the Ant, and the Aardvark. The cookie that looks like a black and white film strip which features Big Nose in three different poses. Since the Pink Panther usual doesn’t speak, the cookie where the Pink Panther is holding up a word balloon that says Hello.



These wonderful cookies make we want to sit down and watch a bunch of Pink Panther cartoons.