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Great Mickey Mouse Comic Strip Cake

Mickey Mouse Comic Strip Cake

This wonderful Mickey Mouse Comic Strip Cake was made by Ká Struminski.  This lovely cake has a bottom tier that features Mickey Mouse with Comic Strips around him.  The 2nd tier is yellow with a black and red band at the bottom.  This tier is decorate with white Mickey Mouse heads.  The top of the cake is a black Mickey Mouse head.  I really like the use of colors on this cake.  The cake uses white, yellow, black, and a few red accents.  Those are the colors of Mickey Mouse.  Look at the comic strips, they’re black and white with a few items colored red and gold where appropriate.  That is so brilliant.

I really like that this cake focuses on the comic strip version of Mickey Mouse.  In the United States, Mickey Mouse had his own comic strip for 65 years. Walt Disney wrote the early strips and Ub Iwerks drew some of them.  After a few months, Floyd Gottfredson was assigned to work on the strip for a few months until a permanent creative team was chosen.  Those few months ended up being FOURTY FIVE YEARS! Floyd is one of the most beloved Mickey Mouse artists of all time and his work has been reprinted in comic books for years.

Fantagraphics, the fine folks who did the stunning The Complete Peanuts, are currently releasing similar volumes of the daily and Sunday Mickey Mouse comic strips.