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Lovely Mulan Birthday Party

Mulan Birthday Party

This lovely Mulan Birthday Party was made by Caramelo Sweet Design.  It features three different cakes, decorated truffles, and awesome cookies.  I only have one complaint with this beautiful party – I wasn’t invited. Smile


Mulan Birthday Party

The centerpiece cake is beautiful. 


Mulan Truffles

Mulan Truffles


Mulan Truffles

Mulan Truffles

Mushu Truffles

Mushu truffles


Cri-Kee Truffles

Cri-Kee truffles


Li Shang Truffles

Li Shang truffles


Little Brother Truffles

Little Brother truffles


Cherry Blossom Cookie Pops

Cherry Tree Cookie Pops


Mulan Cookie Pops

Cherry Blossom Cookies

Cherry blossom cookies


Cookies of Mulan's Fan

Cookies of Mulan’s fan

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