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Wow! This Rafiki Cookie Is Absolutely Amazing!

Rafiki Cookie

Rafiki cookie

This Rafiki cookie was done with colored fondant, royal icing and shaded with an airbrush. Notice Rafiki’s hand-drawing of Simba at the top. I also like the way each part of the cookie is textured.

Timbo Sullivan is one of my favorite cake artists, so I’m not surprised to find that he is just as amazing with cookies.  Timbo made this Rafiki Cookie for a baby shower.  It was so popular that it is now one of the classes that he teaches.  The detail on this cookie is simply amazing!



Notice the symbol for Simba at the right top of the cookie.



I really like how vibrant the colors are.  It makes all the details and textures really stand out.



10 out of 10 bugs surveyed recommend this cookie!

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