When The Disney Princesses Were Little

Baby Disney Princess Cookies

Like everyone else, the amazing Miyuki from Sylvie Bear Cookie is getting restless during lockdown, so she created this stunning set of Baby Disney Princess Cookies just for fun. The figures are based on the Disney Animator Collection Dolls.


Baby Pocahontas, Belle and Aurora Cookies

Here is Pocahontas holding Meeko, Belle smelling a rose, and Aurora with a basket of flowers.


Baby Pocahontas, Belle and Aurora Cookies

A closer view of the same trio.  The detail on each character is absolutely perfect.


Baby Aurora Cookie

Aurora again. You can see part of Baby Moana in this picture as well.


Baby Tinker Bell Cookie

Baby Tinker Bell


Baby Cinderella Cookie

Baby Cinderella’s foot is too small for the glass slipper.


Baby Belle Cookie



Baby Anna and Elsa Cookies

Anna and Elsa


Baby Alice Cookie

Alice sitting on a stool.  You can see a part of Mulan in this picture as well.


Baby Snow White Cookie

Snow White with a bluebird and an apple


Baby Pocahontas Cookie

Pocahontas and Meeko. Flit is flying beside Pocahontas.


Baby Merida Cookie



Baby Megara and Esmeralda Cookies

Megara and Esmeralda

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