Cute Hello Kitty Food Art

Hello Kitty Food Art

What would Hello Kitty’s living room and bedroom look like?

This is an artist’s yummy edible version.

This wonderful Pop Culture food art was made by Bento Monsters.

Hello Kitty Food Art

For this living room, the chair back and pillow are Hello Kitty shaped. The grand piano top and piano stool have Hello Kitty’s face. There is a tiny shopping bag with matching shoes that says Hello Kitty.  The coffee table is also in the shape of a cat head.

This cute furniture was made using sandwich bread, nori, ham, and cheese.

There was lettuce, ham, smoked salmon and tuna fish salad for the inside of the sandwiches.

Hello Kitty Food Art

The headboard of the bed is Hello Kitty shaped and Hello Kitty is sleeping in bed holding a teddy bear.