Christmas Minnie Mouse

Festive Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake

Mickey and Minnie Christmas Cake

Minnie and Mickey Mouse christmas  Cake

This festive Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake features a fondant Minnie figure standing on top of a log that is made of cake.

This wonderful cake was made by Sugar Ciok

Mickey’s smiling face is in front of the log. Fondant Mistle-toe is behind him. His face is a separate piece of fondant. He is wearing a red Santa hat to match Minnie’s red Sant hat and red dress.


Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake

Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake topper

Minnie is wearing a red dress and a red Santa hat and red shoes.  The gold heart shaped buttons on front are a cute addition.  The face looks just like her.  It is difficult to make Minnie and Mickey look correct and this baker did a terrific job.

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