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Awesome Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin Cake

Scrooge McDuck Cake

Scrooge McDuck Money Bin Cake

This awesome Scrooge McDuck Cake has a fondant figure of him on the top surrounded by gold coins and paper bills.

This wonderful cake was made by Michellianjos

Firstly, the cake is colored gray to represent a concrete structure of the Money Bin.

Secondly, a huge vault door has boon swung open. Just inside the door is written 6 meses or 6 months and the birthday name.

It looks just like the door to Scrooge’s money bin.

Scrooge McDuck Cake

In addition, Scrooge McDuck is holding gold coins in his hand.

 He has 2 bags of gold coins on either side of him.

Scrooge McDuck Cake

The top the cake is meant to represent the inside of the money bin on this Scrooge McDuck Money Bin cake.

This cake reminds me of all of the scenes in Disney’s DuckTales that show him swimming in the money in his money bin.

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