Marvelous Red and White Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse Cake

Red and White Minnie Mouse Cake

This Marvelous Red and White Minnie Mouse Cake is a 2 tier cake that features Minnie’s head on the top of the cake. 

This wonderful cake was made by Teddy Baker.

Minnie’s head is made from fondant or gumpaste and is layered to give her dimension. For example, the red and white bow is a separate piece. Her black nose is a piece of black fondant placed on top of her face.  

In addition, it looks like her tongue, face and eyes are placed on top of a black Minnie head.

Moreover, red fondant stars on thin sticks frame her head nicely.

The birthday name is at the front of the top tier on a white plaque.  It is written in gold letters and nicely matches the gold 3 on the next tier that represents the birthday age.

Furthermore, the top tier is red with white polka-dots and a red ribbon and bow at the bottom of the tier.

In addition, the bottom tier is white and decorated with black Minnie heads that have red bows. A red ribbon is at the bottom this tier too. This really draws out Minnie’s ears and nose.

Also, the cake board is red with white polka-dots and matches the top tier of the cake.

Three tall candles are to the side of the cake to represent the birthday age.

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