The Cutest Hand Drawn Baby Yoda Cookies

Hand Drawn Baby Yoda Cookies
Hand Drawn Baby Yoda Cookies

These adorable hand drawn Baby Yoda Cookies were made by Turquesa 51.

They also made these adorable hand drawn Disney Princess Cookies.

This cute set of cookies consists of a center cookie with Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian. There are seven round cookies featuring Grogu around the center cookie.

Baby Yoda’s facial expression on each cookie is wonderful.

The center cookie has Baby Yoda hugging The Mandalorian.  Mando has his hand on top of Baby Yoda’s head.

Three of the round cookie show different expressions for Baby Yoda. In one he is happy and has hearts around his head. In another, he looks puzzled and there are question marks over his head. In the third, he looks mesmerized by what he is seeing.

The other cookie feature him in his pram pod, playing with a ball, using the force, and peeking out from behind a rock.

These cookies are too cute!

Planning a party for The Child?

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These cute candy apples look like Baby Yoda in his pram.