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Baby Yoda Meets E.T. Cake

Baby Yoda Meets E.T. Cake
Baby Yoda Meets E.T. Cake

This adorable Baby Yoda Meets E.T. Cake was made by Corina Venegas. Corina is a master at using a plain looking cake as a backdrop for intricate 2-D figures and decorations. The result are stunning cakes that really stand out from other cakes.

This cake is a classic example. This is a single tier barrel cake which is covered in grey fondant, so it looks like outer space. It is has grey and pink planets and stars on it. On the bottom two thirds of the cake is a 2-D figure of Baby Yoda in his pram. Notice that Baby Yoda’s ears and hands are outside of the pram. Also, the pram doesn’t have a back. Where the back would be is the grey fondant. All these little touches add depth to the pram and Baby Yoda. The top of the cake features another adorable alien – E.T.  Behind E.T. is a pink planet with craters.

The idea of teaming two adorable aliens – Baby Yoda and E.T. is brilliant and this cake is out of this world!

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