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Star Wars Meets Pokémon

Star Wars Meets Pokémon

These wonderful Star Wars Meets Pokémon macarons were made by Phay Shing. She made this for someone who loves to read and is a fan of both Star Wars and Pokémon. Phay wrote a post about these wonderful macarons on her blog – Loving Creations for You.

Everything, including the armchairs, lampshade and floor rug, is made out of macarons.  Since she needs so many colors and for her macarons to be sturdy, Phay used swiss meringue. Here is her recipe for swiss meringue.

The arms chairs were made using raspberry flavored macaron shells and filling by adding freeze dried raspberry powder. Phay replaced some of the white chocolate with cocoa butter to make the filling even less sweet. She made a royal icing that matched the color of the pieces to stick them together.

Phay added the detail to the characters with edible markers and paint made by dissolving gel food coloring in vodka.

The base macaron was a 15 cm circle filled with dark chocolate ganache and raspberry ganache.