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 Naoto Hattori Cake Collaboration Part I

Ana Remigio Edible Art Cake

Ana Remigio Edible Art Cake

This wonderful cake was made by Ana Remígio of Cupcakes and Dreams .

This Marvelous cake was created for the A World Apart – Naoto Hattori Cake Collaboration. 

For the next few days, I will be featuring cake from this terrific collaboration.

A World Apart – Naoto Hattori Cake Collaboration is hosted by Ana Remígio.  This collaboration is based on works by the amazing artist Naoto Hattori.  Works from 51 sugar artists from around the world pay tribute to this amazing artist.  All the edible designs are inspired by unique pieces that by themselves are already quite unusual. Naoto Hattori pieces include hybrid creatures and explore psychological boundaries and surreal territory.

Cake by Ana Remígio

Ana Remigio Edible Art

I’d like to start with a wonderful cake by Ana Remígio. The cake is sculpted in the shape of a large tree. In the middle of the roots in a large black cube made of cake with a hand painted picture of 4 separate creatures. The detail of these paintings is incredible.

The owl and tree are based on the painting ‘Cozy Place’.

Ana Remigio Edible Art

Ana Remigio Edible Art

Ana Remigio Edible Art

The texture of these pieces is amazing. The fur and feathers look wonderful. The lines on the toes of the bird is also terrific detail.

Ana Remígio Social Media Links:

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Cake by Alenda Cake 

Alenda Cake by Sepideh Ranjbar

Secondly, Sepideh Ranjbar of Alenda Cake made this terrific Cake.

I really like the texture of the fur on the animal and the separate texture of the painting in the middle.

This piece is based on ‘Mind Mirror 02’.  The original artwork was done for Arch Enemy Arts 5 year Anniversary group exhibition.

Alenda Cake Social Media Links:

Instagram Alenda Cake

Facebook Sepideh Ranjbar


Cake by Angela Penta Cakes

Angela Penta Cakes cake

Thirdly, this wonderful cake was made by Angela Penta Cakes.

This piece is similar to the original piece ‘Lucid Dreamer 11.’

The detail of the unicorn horn and all the separate tendrils and hairs is amazing.

Angela Penta Cakes Social Media Links:

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Cake by Antonio’s Kitchen

Antonio's Kitchen Cake

Fourthly, this wonderful cake was made by Antonio’s Kitchen.

I like the mixture of the person and the ocean waves crashing behind him. Also, the skin in a smooth texture, while the cloth is textured to look like cloth.

This resembles the artwork of Naoto Hattori on the cover of Miroir Magazine.

 Antonio’s Kitchen Social Media Links:

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