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Terracotta Cake Collaboration – Part 1

This terrific cake and edible plaque was made by Dr. RB Sudha.

Terracotta Cake Collaboration  –  is hosted by Dr.RB Sudha. Many artists from many countries created  wonderful cake and cookie works of art to celebrate Terracotta works of art.

This is the 1st of 4 posts to feature some of these wonderful cakes. Please take a look at the Terracotta Cake Collaboration  to see all of these splendid pieces.

Baker’s Bio:   Dr RB Sudha

Hi, I am Dr RB Sudha:
Astrologer and Trainer from India.
An award-winning Cake, Pastry, flower Artist having various certifications in designing, decorating gum paste flowers etc.
I am an trained Success and Life coach have international certifications for the same.
A Mother of three sons and a self-made person with over a decade of experience in Training. I love making sugar dolls Bust figures and current passion is making gum paste flowers with my own home-made paste.
I have been Featured in Several international websites,Cakes Decor, Newspaper, cake master’s magazine and many Tv Programmes. I love participating in international collaborations. I believe Collaborations gives a opportunity to grow as an artist and to learn new techniques.
I conduct workshops on Baking, Patisserie, Chocolates (pure also) Bean to bar etc. I am also into teaching Natural Skin care, hair care and body and bathing products. I do formulate my own cosmetics and soaps.
Baker’s description of piece:
My piece is inspired by : Bishnupur Gharana Musicians:
Bishnupur is a city and a municipality of Bankura district in the state of West Bengal, India . It is famous for its terracotta temples built by the Malla rulers, historic Radha Krishna temples built during 1600–1800 CE and the Baluchari sarees.
There is a school of Hindustani music born here and hence called Bishnupur Gharana. This style is said to have influenced the Rabindra Nath Tagore’s singing. The museum in the town has a complete section on the well-known members of this Gharana who were popular during the last two centuries. But a huge new auditorium in the town is evidence of the musical orientation of this town. It is also evident in its Dhokra and Terracotta arts where deities and common people are often depicted playing musical instruments.
Goddess Durga is a major deity in Hinduism. She is worshipped as a principal aspect of the mother goddess Devi and is one of the most popular and widely revered among Indian divinities. She is associated with protection, strength, motherhood, destruction and wars.Goddess Durga symbolizes the divine forces (positive energy) known as divine shakti (feminine energy/ power) that is used against the negative forces of evil and wickedness. She protects her devotees from evil powers and safeguards them.
Terracotta Jewellery is evidently made from the soil and literally translates to ‘Baked Earth’. The natural clay is baked which is why it achieves the reddish-brown colour. Terracotta may be glazed or unglazed piece of ceramic. This falls under the category of handmade jewellery and has a very rustic earthen feel to it. The Terracotta Jewelry is adorned and decorated with numerous colours, beads and decorative items.
This splendid cookie was made by Iveta Kosikova.
Baker’s Bio: Iveta Košíková
I’m from Slovakia. I have a great husband, two children and a lazy cat. I am a creative artist and an interior designer, I paint on textiles, and cake decorating is my hobby for about 5 years. I won a gold medal and GRAND PRIX 2020 at the international competition in Poland and 1st place at Cake International Virtual Edition 2020. I love colours.
This superb cookie was made by Madhubhashini Prabha Kumari.
Baker’s Bio – Madhubhashini Prabha Kumari.
I am Madhubhashini Yatagama a self-taught, passionate and committed designer cake artist. I was born and raised in Sri Lanka. I originally started out in Botswana, Africa as an Analyst programmer; but gave up my professional career and decided to direct my efforts to a more creative direction. I channeled my passion for art through the medium of cakes and became a designer cake artist. I had developed my skills mostly through practice and experimenting with the medium of cake making. As the years went on, I had improved my craft, learnt from other professional cake artists and even gained national notoriety.
Among the many ideas which came to my mind regarding the terracotta collaboration, I chose terracotta jewelry as it is very unique, authentic, aesthetically pleasing, handmade, eco friendly and colorful. I opted out of replicating a design seen on the internet, and decided to make my own jewelry with the theme “flame and fire”.
Baker’s Description of Piece:
My childhood ambition was to be a jewelry designer, so this project brought me great joy to design them through an edible medium.
Terracotta jewelry follows repeating patterns that has a simple, elegant and geometrical look that suits nearly any occasion.
This splendid cake was made by Payal Agarwal.
Baker’s Bio – Payal Agarwal
I’m Payal Agarwal, special educator turned baker from hyderabad,India . I’m baking since 2016 but officially started commercial baking in 2019. I specialise in ganache ,buttercream cakes with fondant art work.
This splendid cookie was made by Sonal Garg.
Baker’s Bio – Sonal Garg
I am Sonal Garg , cake artist from Agra( India) ,started my carrier in 2017 from simple homemaker to a dynamic Baker by the name of Sweetretreat by sonal
I have participated in many online and offline competition and won the appreciation award by many .
Achieve the badge of Top 50 Homebaker by homebaker .co
Golden achiever award 2020 as an entrepreneur by blaster group of company of Agra .
Appreciation certificate2020 by rozgar bharti agra .
Baker’s Description of Piece:
This is my second collaboration and I have used Bas relief technique
As a piece of Terracotta art I have choose one of the scene of Indian story of lord Krishna fighting with keshi.which teaches us– Do not be scared and stand up for yourself.
In this scene:
Krishna challenged Keshi to a fight, and knocked out all his teeth with his elbow! Krishna then choked the demon horse to his death and was given a new name after that- Keshava, the one who killed Keshi.
This terrific cake was made by Ruchika Bhargava.
Baker’s Bio – Ruchika Bhargava
A bakester from Noida, I am Ruchika Bhargava. Since 2015, I have been running my home cakery under the name ‘Sinfull Temptations’. A corporate employee turned baker, decorating cakes is what I love the most.
Baker’s Description of Piece:
Presenting my humble attempt; a depicton of Molela art on my piece.
Molela is a village in Rajasthan, internationally known; mainly for its production of brightly painted terracotta plaques and figurines of the local deities and gods. It dries to a grey colour which after firing turns terracotta red / brown or even a lustrous black finish( if smoke- fired in a closed kiln).
This splendid cake was made by Marc Kevin Eusebio Reyes
Baker’s Bio – Marc Kevin Eusebio Reyes
Country: Philippines
Business: Makerey Cakes and Pastries (MARCKEVINSTYLE)
Vlog: Marckevinstyle
Marc Kevin Eusebio Reyes, 26, from Manila Philippines, Born from a Political Clan and Family of Pastry Chef and cooks, Graduated “Cum Laude” Business Management, An exhibiting artist, that had Painting and sculpture exhibits at SM Malls, Ayala, and many more, and Founding member of the Papercutter’s Guild of the Philippines. Baker and Cake Artist owner of Makerey Cakes and Sweets (known as Marckevinstyle) he does weddings and events cake, mostly for celebrities and A list clients from his country. A Sugarflower specialist and teacher sharing the love for making flowers and blooming cakes to help unify the world in beauty and love. Cake Fiesta Manila Gold 2019, Cake International Back to back commended award 2020. Cake Star Ambassador 2020, Bybora Sugarpaste, Peotraco Food Inc Ambassador. Featured ICES newsletter 2020, ICES Member, Cake Champions 2020 Bronze, a youtuber and a happy Vlogger sharing the love for cake decorating at marckevinstyle.
Facebook: Marckevinstyle
gmail: marckevinstyle@gmail.com
This superb cake was made by Pinkle Sachdev.
Baker’s Bio – Pinkle Sachdev
I am passionate home baker and a cake artist from Hyderabad. I officially started working in January 2017. I specialise in customised cakes and bakes.
I particularly love working with coloured ganache for frosting, and strive towards getting a fondant cake finish using ganache, because I believe that it is a tastier medium with comparatively lesser hardwork
I take online classes as well which include basic baking , coloured ganache techniques and many more
My new interest these days is making wafer paper flowers. I enjoy making these beauties, which has no resting and drying time. These are really quick to make and take the look of the cake up by a notch or two .
Now, when I see myself in India’s top 100 & Hyderabad’s top 25 baker’s list, it gives me immense pleasure and I feel honoured to see all my hard work and efforts paying off.
My target is still far from being achieved because sky is the limit.
This superb cookies was made by Manisha Kaur.
Baker’s Bio – Manisha Kaur
My name is Manisha kaur, from India. I post graduated as an artist at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lucknow India. I started my cake studio M3D Bakers at my home in Lucknow and It’s been almost 5 yrs now. My cakes are renowned for their design and creativity .I am actively working on creating magic through my imagination and replicating my thoughts in my work . My versatile works are mainly Hand-painted designed cakes and royal icing cookies ,Bust cakes.
Baker’s Description of Piece:
This sugar sculpture is inspired by Terracotta sculpture in Bologna, Italy.
This Marvelous cake was made by Galina Garoua.
Baker’s Bio
My name is Galina Garova – Mihaylova (Galia) and I was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria where I currently live. After dedicating myself to sports for many years, in 2017 I discovered my real passion – cake decorating. Visiting my first class by Zlatina Lewis is what set me on a journey through the vast realm of the sugar arts. My first challenge made me fall in love with steampunk. I like making miniatures with all of their screws, bolts and nuts. My most successful year, cake decorating- wise, is 2019 when I won a gold medal and first place in my category at the Cake International On Tour London and during the same year – 2 golden medals at Cake International Birmingham.
I work as a pastry chef in a French macarons boutique .
My business is My Magic cakes (Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Mymagiccakes )
Baker’s Description of Piece:
Name of my piece : Creative ceramic art
This marvelous cake was made by Miluska Villanueva Cavero.
Baker’s Bio – Miluska Villanueva Cavero
I am MILUSKA DOROTHY VILLANUEVA CAVERO, from the country PERU 🇵🇪. Immersed in the world of Pastry for more than 7 years, I have been representing a small family business called LAS DELICIAS DE MI COLINA, which provides a service of making cakes for all kinds of events.
I am an active member of the PERUVIAN ASSOCIATION OF PASTELERIA Y AFINES – APEPAF – PERU. Currently I have been participating in both national and international online events as an exhibitor, as well as participating in different collaborations worldwide.
Baker’s Description of Piece
This piece reflects the learning of our Peruvian Andean childhood in the environment where they are always in contact, the nature of their streams and the contact of their animals in the ecological field where they live, accompanied by their radio that currently allows them to carry out a teaching process at a distance by the situation of the bakery that we are living
This fabulous cake was made by Tandeep Saggu.
Baker’s Bio – Tandeep Saggu.
I’m a self taught/ family taught/ taste buds taught baker, turned home baker with an inclination towards pastry.
I grew up in the kitchen with my mother, who is very good at cooking, baking and experimenting with food. So baking was in my blood.
I love everything to do with food- starting from fantasizing and experimenting with new recipes to buying the choicest ingredients, the preparation, the presentation and of course eating it! Eating it is the most exciting part and that is what pushes me to try something new and something better every time.
I live in Hyderabad, India. It is here where I turned my passion to profession with the name of Bake-a-tude.