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What If? I Made Captain Carter Cookies

Captain Carter Cookies

Captain Carter Cookies

When I heard about Captain Carter starring in Marvel’s new television show What If…?  I just had to make these Captain Carter Cookies.

I looked at all of the current pictures on Captain Carter on the web and liked the new Funko Soda Captain Carter character.

Funko only made 12,500 of this collectible and there is a 1 in 6 chance of getting the metallic chase. The Vinyl figure inside the can is approximately 10.5 cm tall..

To celebrate Captain Carter’s appearance on What If…? today, I decided to make a cookie of the soda can and one of the figure inside. My cookies are approximately 18 cm tall by 10 cm wide.

Just watched the episode. Here’s my spoiler free review. I thought Hayley Atwell, whose has done a lot of voice acting for Big Finish, did a wonderful job as Captain Carter.

I liked the role Steve Rogers played in the episode. If they make more episodes spotlighting Peggy Carter, I will definitely watch them.

Captain Carter Cookies

Since Captain Carter just premiered today, I have not seen any other cookies and cakes with her, but I think you will love these Captain America Cakes and Cookies.

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Captain America Cake and Cookies

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