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Cinderella Carriage Piñata Cake

Chibi Cinderella Piñata cake

This Cinderella Carriage Piñata cake features a chocolate piñata Cinderella carriage with a cute fondant Cinderella standing beside it.

This wonderful cake was made by C For Cupcakes by Clara.

The carriage is made of white chocolate. Gold trim surrounds the door and the door is gold.  Also, an ornate gold crown decorates the top on the carriage. Also, a gold number 6 tops the crown.  The white wheels have a spiral of gold. In addition, I like the way small fondant orange pumpkins are in front of the carriage.  They are a reminder that the carriage was made from a pumpkin. White fondant curtains are on either side of the door. In addition, the birthday name is written on gold letters on a white fondant banner.

Cinderella Piñata cake Moreover, a small wooden mallet usually comes with it. It is used to smash it open. As soon as this Cinderella Carriage Piñata cake is busted open, the goodies are revealed. In addition, the handle of this mallet is wrapped in blue ribbon to match the blue of Cinderella’s dress.  Chocolate Piñatas often have cake or candy or other goodies inside.

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