Awesome Blue and Pink Cinderella Carriage Birthday Cake

Cinderella Carriage Cake

This Awesome Cinderella Carriage Birthday Cake was made by  Cuteology Cakes. The top of the cake is adorned by Cinderella’s Carriage. The carriage is a blue pumpkin shape. The wheels are gold with a gold blue swirl. The door of the carriage is gold with pink curtains. The top of the carriage has a gold ornate decoration on top.

The top layer of the cake is pink with a diamond pattern.  There are small white pearls at the corners of each diamond shape. There is a white circle with a blue border in the center of the cake layer.  A gold four is inside the white circle for the birthday age.  There is a white bead at the bottom of the cake layer.

The bottom layer of the cake is blue. There are white drapes of ribbon icing and white bows at the top of the cake layer. The bottom of the layer is bordered by a small white  string of icing.

The cake board is a light purple. The birthday name is written in gold at the center of the cake board. Cinderella’s glass slipper is beside the birthday name. There is a blue flower on top of the slipper.

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