Odie Cookies

Odie Cookies
Odie Cookies

This great Odie Cookies were made by Kelly’s Sugar High. There are five different designs – Odie about to pounce on a birthday cupcake with a candle, a birthday cake with Odie popping out of it, a profile view of Odie, a messy cookie which Odie helped with and a forty’s birthday cookie. It has the number 40 on it, Odie’s head is sticking out of the zero and Odie’s paw prints are all over the cookie. These designs are so cute!

I use to have an app on my iPad which displayed today’s Garfield Comics. But with a single tap, it would go to a random strip and you can then read from there forwards or backwards. So I remember there was some odd about Odie’s origin in Garfield, but I couldn’t remember what it was. For a while, Jon had a house guest / room mate, Lyman. Odie was Lyman’s dog and when Lyman left Odie stayed around. GoComics has a curated collection of Garfield strips featuring Lyman. Since Odie was Lyman’s dog, this collection includes Odie’s earliest appearances.

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