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Encanto Cake

Encanto Cake
Encanto cake

This Encanto cake features fondant figures of Bruno, Dolores, and Mirabel Madrigal. The cake is shaped to look like parts of Casa Madrigal.

This wonderful cake was made by Nick Cake Designer.

A fondant Bruno figure  is at the bottom of the cake. He is surrounded by stone. His cloak is green and when he uses his powers to see into the future, his irises glow bright green. Everything is bathed in a soft green glow around him.  The stone all around him represents him living inside the walls of the Casa Madrigal. His ability to see into the future made him an outcast.

Encanto Cake

This fondant figure of Mirabel shows her in a blue floral skirt and white blouse.  The trim at the bottom of the dress has pink pom-poms and purple fringe.  The fondant figure of Dolores shows her in a red skirt with gold trim and a white blouse. She is wearing a red bow in her hair to match the red skirt. The house is in the painted background behind them. Dolores knows about Bruno because of her gift of enhanced hearing. 

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