Jack Skellington Chocolate Pie

Jack Skellington Pie
Jack Skellington Pie

This Jack Skellington Pie is a chocolate cream pie with  caramelized cocoa nibs on a crispy cocoa pastry shell., A white chocolate dome is in shape of Jack’s head is on top of the pie.

This wonderful pie was made by Vincent Guerlais

I love chocolate and this Nightmare Before Christmas pie looks delicious.


Jack-o-Lantern pie

Here’s a white chocolate version with a Jack-o-Lantern face. 


Carved Pumpkin Witch chocolate pie
Carved Pumpkin Witch chocolate pie

And last, but not least  this carved pumpkin witch chocolate pie. I love the way the hat and jacket are made from textured chocolate. If you look through the orange pumpkin head, you can see the chocolate cream pie.

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