Lily Munster Pumpkin

Lily Munster Pumpkin
Lily Munster Pumpkin

This amazing Lily Munster Pumpkin was carved by Andres Boschini. It is based on a famous photo of Yvonne De Carlo playing the role. Lily is wearing her classic gown and a necklace with a pendant shaped like a bat. The pendant is different in the original photo, but since Lily is a vampire, making the pendant bat shaped is brilliant touch.

Lilly has her arms raise and her hands are against her face. You can see her shawl hanging from her arms. She has black hair with a white streak. Lily is smiling and staring right at you.


Side View of Lily Munster Pumpkin

Here is a side view of this pumpkin. On the right and left sides, Andres carved little bats. This is a great addition to this wonderful pumpkin.


Lit Lily Munster Pumpkin

When lit, the focal point is Lily’s eyes, so it really makes it look like this pumpkin is looking at you.

Andres also made carvings of Grandpa, Herman and Eddie. I’ll be featuring those the next two days.

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