This Grandpa Munster Pumpkin Wants To Give You A Love Potion

Pumpkin carving of Grandpa Munster holding a love potion

Grandpa Munster Pumpkin

Yesterday, I featured an amazing pumpkin carving of Lily Munster created by Andres Boschini. Today, I’m featuring Andres wonderful Grandpa Munster Pumpkin. This is the original Count Sam Dracula as played by Al Lewis. While Herman was the star of the show, Grandpa was often the catalyst for whatever trouble Herman was in. Grandpa had a laboratory in the cellar where he concocted magic spells and potions which rarely ever worked as intended. Since this was a key part of Grandpa’s character, I absolutely love that Andres has Grandpa holding a love potion that he obviously just created. It don’t know what it’ll bring you, but it won’t be true love!

This gag is even funnier because Andres designed the whole pumpkin around it. Grandpa is actually holding the bottle out to you. He has a wonderful facial expression. His head is cocked slightly. He has a mischievous smile. His eyes almost look like he is trying to convince you to trust him.

Before you look at the next photo which is the pumpkin lit up, I want you to notice Andres use of color. If you look to the sides of Grandpa, you’ll see little red hearts. The cloth on his badge is also red. Grandpa’s Dracula cape is two colors.


A lit pumpkin carving of Grandpa Munster holding a love potion

Here is the pumpkin lit and it is wonderful! The colors really stand out when lit. The hearts and badge pop and the cape looks like leather.

Tomorrow, I’ll be featuring Andres carvings of Herman and Eddie Munster. I’m saving the best for last because that pumpkin has a special surprise.