This Herman Munster Pumpkin Has A Secret

A pumpkin carving of the classic Fred Gwynne version of Herman Munster
Herman Munster Pumpkin

For the last two days, I’ve featured Munsters pumpkin carvings created by Andres Boschini. Andres has made amazing carvings of Lily and Grandpa Munster. I saved his Herman Munster Pumpkin for last because it has a really cool hidden surprise.

This carving features the classic Fred Gwynne version of Herman. He is looking right at you and smiling. The details on Herman are great and his facial expressions are terrific. He looks both friendly and a little confused.┬áBehind Herman are lightning bolts, the perfect item to go with Frankenstein’s Monster. I think Herman will get a charge out of them.

This pumpkin has a surprise.


Side view of a two sided pumpkin

It is two sided!


A pumpkin carving of Eddie Munster
Eddie Munster

The back is a pumpkin carving of Eddie Munster. Eddie is the son of Lily and Herman. He is a werewolf. Andres chose the classic version of Eddie as played by Butch Patrick. The background is a full moon above a cloudy sky. The wolf howl “Owoooo” is written in the clouds.

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