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The Grinch’s Christmas Schedule Cookies

This cook box features two giant cookies - one of the Grinch and the other a cookie of his Christmas schedule
The Grinch’s Christmas Schedule Cookies

These adorable The Grinch’s Christmas Schedule Cookies were made by Oh! Dulce Tan Dulce. This is a Christmas Cookie Gift Box with two giant cookie – one of the Grinch and the other of his Christmas schedule. The Grinch cookie is terrific. He is wearing a Santa suit and hat. His head is cocked and he is pointing a figure a you reminding you not to forget your Christmas schedule. The Grinch’s facial expression and body language are wonderful.

Writing on a cookie is hard! The lettering on the Christmas schedule cookie is so perfect, it makes it look easy. Having to pipe 150 to 200 letters on a single cookie and get them that uniform takes a lot skill and an extremely steady hand. All of the black lettering doesn’t blend very well with the Grinch, so they do something brilliant. The times on the schedule are done in red. Not only does it make them stand out on the schedule, but it makes the cookies blend with the red and black on the Grinch’s Santa outfit.

This year is the first time I’ve seen this cookie design and I really like it. I’m figure any day now, I’ll find a variation of Santa checking  his naughty and nice list.

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