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Whoville Cookies

The cute cookies recreate Whoville from How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Whoville Cookies

Every Who down in Whoville liked these Christmas Cookies a lot. But the Grinch who lived just North of Whoville did not!

These delightful Whoville Cookies were made by Azúcar & Cocoa. The town of Whoville is made of five cookies that fit together. There are three builds that are too sweet to eat! There is a cotton candy pink candy store. The snow on the roof looks like icing and the door has a big candy swirl on it. In the middle of Whoville is a purple house with a Christmas tree in front of it. The house is decorated with Christmas lights and a wreath. The archway above the front door looks like a candy cane and the roof looks an icing swirl. Whoville’s toy store is two round floors. The store has a round front door and each floor has a peppermint candy decorating it. On both sides of these three builds are Christmas trees. The two trees are shaped and decorated differently. These cookies are so bright and colorful.

What’s Whoville without a who? A cookie of Whoville’s most famous resident – Cindy-Lou Who – is included. There are also cute cookies of The Grinch and Max. I’d keep any eye on the Grinch cookie, he’ll probably try to steal these sweet treats.

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