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Halfway To Halloween: Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams Pumpkin
Wednesday Addams Pumpkin

This wonderful Wednesday Addams Pumpkin was carved by Joey Edwards from EDWARDS ART + DESIGN.  This is the 2nd year in a row that I’ve featured a Wednesday Addams carving by Joey. Last year’s pumpkin featured Christina Ricci from Addams Family Values dressed as Pocahontas for a summer camp play about the first Thanksgiving. This carving features Wednesday holding a bottle of poison.


Wednesday Addams Pumpkin Unlit

Here is a picture of the unlit pumpkin. It looks absolutely fantastic even when it isn’t aglow. I really like this view because you can see the intricate detail on Wednesday and the bottle of poison. If you look at the area around Wednesday’s head, you’ll see that Joey carved it in different depths. This way the light that comes through here isn’t uniform, so you get a cooler glow around Wednesday’s head.


Wednesday Addams Pumpkin In Progress

Here is the carving in progress.

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