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Gadget and Zipper Cookies

These Gadget and Zipper cookies features these two characters from Disney’s Rescue Rangers.

Gadget and Zipper Cookies

These wonderful cookies were made by White Sugar and Spice. I love the sweet smile on Zipper’s face and the excited look on Gadget’s face on these cookies. These are terrific royal icing cookie versions of these Disney Rescue Rangers. I wonder where the Chip n Dale and Monterey cookies are hiding.

In addition, I like the highlights of light orange in gadget’s hair. Also the definition lines on her hair and on her legs and Zipper’s knee make these royal icing cookies look more like the animated drawings. In addition, notice the catchlights in their eyes.   Furthermore each character is outlined with black lines. This attention to detail really makes these Gadget and Zipper cookies look wonderful.

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