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Purple & Green Halloween Mickey & Minnie Cookies

These Purple & Green Halloween Mickey & Minnie Cookies feature a Minnie head skeleton cookie, a Mickey Ghost cookie, a Mickey Jack-o-Lantern Cookie, a Minnie head with a purple witches hat cookie, a Minnie bat cookie, and a Minnie Mouse Frankenstein’s Monster cookie.

Purple & Green Halloween Mickey & Minnie Cookies

These wonderful cookies were made by Sello Dulce. These cookies are bright and colorful.  Also there are orange, and purple, and green small ghost cookies in this set. In addition the green Minnie Mouse Frankenstein’s Monster cookie has bolts for ears and has a purple hair bow. Also the Minnie Mouse bat cookie has Minnie ears and a green hair bow.

In addition the white Mickey ghost has has eyes, nose, and mouth drawn on.

Also this Dulce Truco or Sweet Treats cookie in the middle has a spider-web drawn onto the cookie background.  The letters are in purple, green, and orange royal icing.

These Disney Mickey and Minnie Halloween cookies are boxed and ready to give this Halloween.

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