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WALL-E & EVE Cookies

WALL-E & EVE cookies
WALL-E & EVE cookies

These WALL-E & EVE cookies feature this cute robot couple.    I really like the cookie with Wall-E and EVE with a little red heart between them. This WALL-E cookie set also has a cookie with the boot planter and the small green plant.  The work boot planter even his individual black treads on the bottom and wrinkles on the boot.  Another cookie has him with a red and white fire extinguisher.  

These wonderful cookies were made by Floured By Block. when I saw these cookies, I thought they would be perfect for Valentine’s Day too.

WALL-E & EVE cookies

Each character is piped using royal icing.  The boot cookie has happy birthday written in royal icing.  I know from experience that writing is one of the more difficult things to do well.  This baker did a good job writing this.

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